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I wish to make a donation towards Supporting Forest Sangha Publications.

We apologise that we no longer have the facility to receive monthly recurring donations.
Gift Aid
If you are a UK taxpayer, the charity can reclaim 25p for every £1 if you declare your donation as Gift Aid. By selecting 'With Gift Aid', you agree to the Gift Aid Declaration below.

Card Details

We do not store any of your card details on our server. Stripe is used by thousands of companies in over 120 countries, some examples being Amazon, Microsoft and Google. If you would like to know more about which companies use Stripe, please see Stripe.com for details.

Forest Sangha Publications is adminstered by Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust

Stripe Handling Fee

For each donation, Stripe charges 1.40% + 20p for UK cards, plus 1.1% all European Economic Area cards, and 2.90% + 20p for all non-European cards. This is deducted from your donation before it is sent to the Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust.

Refund policy

Please be assured that we follow a refund policy. If by chance you should donate in error, please inform us within seven days so that a refund can be made to your card's account.

Gift Aid Declaration

Gift Aid Declaration: I wish my donation to Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust (HBMT) to be treated as Gift Aid.
I am a UK tax payer.
I confirm that I pay Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax equal to or more than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations to charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs in this tax year. If not then it is my responsibility to repay any difference.

Please notify HBMT if you wish to cancel this declaration, if donations no longer qualify or if you have changed your address.