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Mosteiro Suddhavari


Suddhavāri Buddhist Monastery is 33 hectare wide and located near the small hill city of São Lourenço, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The monastery was initiated by Luang Por Liem in 2017, during his visit to the country. At that occasion he gave his approval for buying the land and named the place "Suddhavāri" - which means "pure water" - taking inspiration on the many mineral water springs the region is famous for. The official inauguration took place in 2018 and was presided by Luang Por Piak. It is the first monastery of its kind in South America and its purpose is to be a place for monastic living, retreat for the lay community and Dhamma practice for all. At present Ajahn Mudito is the leader of the community.
Mosteiro Suddhavari is an Associated Monastery.