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AUS_Buddhabodhivana Monastery: Luang Por Sumedho in Australia 2016
Published Tuesday, 05 April 2016

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Australia_Buddhabodhivana Monastery: Luang Por Sumedho Visiting
picture: Luang Por Sumedho (r) and Ajahn Kalyano (l) Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Luang Por Sumedho is presently visiting Buddhabodhivana Monastery near Melbourne and is expected to travel on to Wat Buddhadhamma near Sydney (Friday 22nd - Tuesday 26th April), then Dhammagiri Monastery near Brisbane (Friday 29th April - Friday 6th May).

1 B06 Visiting the 'Apostles' nr. Melbourne

1 B06  Songkran 'Asking for Forgiveness', Wat Buddhabodhivana

1 B05  Planting Bodhi a tree planting nr. the Bodhivana Uposatha Hall

4 Lps Bodhisaddha 6 17.04.2016  (left) TCK Mahasomai, (middle) Luang Por Sumedho, (right) Ajahn Kalyano

1 Img 1948  (left) TCK Mahasomai, (right) LP Sumedho, at Wat Pa Buddharangsi, nr. Sydney

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