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First seeds of a new nuns' monastery
Published Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Saranaloka Foundation was established in 2005 to invite siladhara to visit and teach in North America, with the longer term vision of establishing a monastery for siladhara in the US. In January and February this year, Ajahns Anandabodhi, Metta and Santacitta opened a temporary vihara in San Francisco, on the invitation of Saranaloka Foundation. Sister Sumedha joined them for the month of February.

The project proved very successful. Everyone was delighted by the level of support and interest in the teaching and presence of the nuns. The vihara offered regular evening pujas, weekly Dhamma talks, Saturday meditation workshops and was well supported, with many people coming to attend. The four requisites were generously provided and gratefully received. Outside the vihara, the nuns went on weekly pindapat (almsround) in the local area, with bountiful response. In terms of teaching, many of the local Dhamma groups and centres were interested in the perspective that arises out of the monastic tradition. The ajahns had the opportunity to share Dhamma on many occasions.

Encouraged by the steady support and interest, and in line with their long-term vision, the Saranaloka Foundation have invited the nuns to return at the end of 2009. For more information and photos of the nuns’ visits, see

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