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GLOBAL_Annual Report of Activity of the FS Website 2022
Published Thursday, 11 May 2023

For those interested, here is a brief update of the activities of the website.

In 2022 donations received in support of Forest Sangha Publications via this website, amounted to £1659.

Expenses (e.g. IT costs, postage costs for mailing books, etc.) were £1403.

The development and maintenance of the website continues to be offered by Kris Quigley.

Thanks to the help of volunteers, it is possible to request that books be mailed out within the UK.

A Restricted Fund for Forest Sangha Publications is kept and managed by Harnham Buddhist Monastery Trust. If there is surplus to the expected costs for the coming year, then these funds may be called upon by senior members of the Branch monasteries to help towards publications, at the discretion of Luang Por Munindo, Abbot of Harnham Buddhist Monastery. (Senior sangha members of Associated monasteries could submit a request via a Branch Monastery.)

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