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UK_Wat Cittaviveka: Bhikkhu Acceptance - August 2017
Published Sunday, 20 August 2017


UK_Wat Cittaviveka: Bhikkhu Acceptance, August 2017

picture: precepts ceremony, Wat Cittaviveka, W. Sussex, UK

On August 19th, the sangha assembly at Cittaviveka granted Acceptance into the Bhikkhu Sangha (upasampadā) of Samanera Dhīrabodhi, a 28 year-old Englishman. Ajahn Amaro served as upajjhāya, and Ajahns Sucitto and Kāruniko were the ācariyas; the assembly consisted of bhikkhus from Cittaviveka and Amaravati. Sīladharā, sāmaneras and anagārikas from both monasteries also offered their blessings and support.

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