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To Make The World A Better Place

by Ajahn Munindo on April 24, 2020

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To Make the World a Better Place: 18th April 2020, (65 approx. mins.) Listening to dhamma talks, Rahula, wise reflection, compassion, right speech, responsibilities, decision making, confidence, junk food, 5 spiritual faculties, faith, near drowning, Venerable Sariputta, fundamentalism, selfless, energy, suicide, going for refuge, intensity, mindfulness, (26 mins second question), motivation, contentment, compassion fatigue, Magic Eye, (36.45 mins third question), Fear, anxiety, emotional turmoil, aversion, spite, Ven. Myokyo-Ni, precepts, self-respect, mindfulness, compulsive judging mind, embodied aspiration, vector, symbols, prayer, anthropomorphize, introject, (54.30 mins fourth question), self-centredness, virtues, conventional religion, challenge,

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