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Temple Monastery

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Temple Forest Monastery (‘Jetavana’) was established in 2014 in the town of Temple, New Hampshire, about one-and-a-half hours north-west of Boston. It includes a number of old farm buildings, fields, and a large forest which will house kutis (huts) for the monks which borders a National Wildlife Refuge. Primarily a place for monks to live, train, and enter the Sangha, the monastery is also open to day-vistors for regular meditations and the daily meal offerings, and, for much of the year, to overnight guests who wish to practice by following the monastic routine alongside the monks. Every Sunday from April–December there is a meditation workshop held from 1–3 p.m. The abbot, Ajahn Jayanto, received his bhikkhu ordination in the UK, spending time training there and in Thailand.
Temple Forest Monastery is an Associated Monastery.