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Through the generosity of our Dhamma friends at Kataññnutā Publishing in Malaysia, each year a wall and desk calendar is produced for free distribution. Usually these printed calendars are distributed at the various Forest Sangha monasteries during the annual Kathina Season festival. Once Kathina Season is over, and so long as supplies last, if you live in UK these calendars are available to request to be posted. If you live in USA, and so long as supplies last, these calendars are available to request to be posted. Please check these links above for further details regarding posting.

If you miss out on collecting a copy from one of the monasteries or perhaps you live outside the UK, you can download a PDF for home printing.

A high-resolution 'print-ready' PDF may be made available if we receive a written guarantee that any printed copies will be sponsored as an offering for free distribution only. No charge permitted, not even to cover printing costs.

Earlier editions of our Forest Sangha Calendar 
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